We’re going back to Brinnswick, kind of. Travel across the sea to the other side of the world to the far away country of Gauhala. This series brings a whole new set of characters and magical beings… but don’t worry, there will be plenty of cameos because we all know Seb and Ailin can’t stay away from trouble.

The Witch’s Grumpy Dragon.

Brinnswick: Tales From Gauhala Book 1

I have never in my life met anyone as infuriating as that dragon. So then why do I want to spend all of my time with the grump?

This is the story of a witch named Tanyl Helegolor and Garrick Von Stein, the dragon shifter king he can’t get out of his head.

Brinnswick: Tales From Gauhala ┬áis a MM urban fantasy series that takes place in the Brinnswick world in the far away country of Gauhala. It brings a whole new cast of characters, but don’t worry, there will absolutely be some cameos along the way.

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