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Episode 2


RIPP Episode 2: Oh no! Not Miss Daisy Dreamcloud! by Sammi Cee & Michele Notaro Coldburgh Train Station Oh no! [...]

Episode 22021-07-01T23:00:08+00:00

Episode 1


RIPP Episode 1: Brooks Meets Dane’s Mom. Yikes! by Sammi Cee & Michele Notaro Coldburgh Train Station Brooks Meets Dane's [...]

Episode 12021-07-01T22:58:59+00:00

Meet Thad


THAD Thad here. As you already know, Rory and I started RIPP together so that isn’t new news. What can I tell you that you don’t know? [...]

Meet Thad2021-06-10T20:54:41+00:00

Meet Rory


RORY Hey, researchers, I’m Rory! I’m so excited to get to chat with you. So, okay, my best friend, Thad, and I started RIPP a few years [...]

Meet Rory2021-06-10T20:54:17+00:00

Meet Dane


DANE Hey, I’m Dane, and I guess I’m the new guy. I just transferred to Maple Park College where Rory and Thad go, and we ended up [...]

Meet Dane2021-06-10T20:53:50+00:00

Meet Brooks


BROOKS Um, hey. I, uh, don’t actually know why they asked me to talk about myself. What is there to say? I’m Rory’s older brother, and since [...]

Meet Brooks2021-06-10T20:52:58+00:00

Hello world!


Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

Hello world!2018-08-22T20:50:26+00:00

Protecting your privacy in public wifi networks


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Protecting your privacy in public wifi networks2016-11-09T16:08:48+00:00
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