Thad here. As you already know, Rory and I started RIPP together so that isn’t new news. What can I tell you that you don’t know? How about the fact Rory and I have been best friends since our sophomore year in high school. Some stuff happened with my family, and we moved, and it was like the universe smiled on me because there was this quirky kid who needed someone else to understand him as much as I needed a person in my corner.

… Haha, don’t listen to Brooks. Nemo likes to tease me about lifting weights and tanning, like I’m some kind of dude bro, but he knows I’m all deep and in touch with my feelings. Don’t worry, Nemo, *blows kiss* I know it’s because I’m like a little brother to you. I got you, man. *pounds chest and points at Brooks*

Sorry, I got distracted there for a minute, but hey, Brooks is a major player in my life, too. Between us, he’s not so sure about this paranormal stuff, but he tries to hide it. He supports Rory and me, no matter what, and does his best to help us chase our dreams. It’s cool to have a big-brother figure who has my back like that. 

Let’s see, what else can I tell you? I one hundred percent have a deep-seated belief that there are things happening around us that we can’t see. As time goes on, maybe I’ll share more about that, but for now, let me just say that what Rory and I are searching for is personal to me in ways I haven’t even told him about yet.

… Rory, dude, come on. Don’t be mad. Yes, of course I’ll tell you before anyone else. Geez. Sorry, guys, I gotta go. Rory’s giving me the death glare, so I have to go talk to him. Later.

  • Determined to make RIPP a success and prove to everyone that ghosts are, in fact, real

  • So not a morning person

  • Thankful to have a big bro in Brooks & a little bro in Rory

  • Loves working out, baking his skin off, and being in front of the camera with his BFF

  • Calm and patient with a marshmallow center

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