Hey, researchers, I’m Rory! I’m so excited to get to chat with you. So, okay, my best friend, Thad, and I started RIPP a few years ago—it stands for Researchers In Paranormal Phenomenon, but you probably already know that—and it’s our dream to make it a success and do this for a living. We love everything ghostly, and one day, we’re gonna prove that ghosts exist! 

My big bro has been helping us out since the beginning, and even though he’s a massive dork, I’m glad he likes hanging out with us. But shh, don’t tell him I said that or Brooks’ll never let me live it down. Now that we have Dane helping us, too, I get to watch Brooks stumble around like a spaz because he is crushin’ hard. Brooks and Dane seriously crack me up.

Anyway, RIPP has pretty much been my life for the last few years—well, RIPP and school, obviously—but I’ve been secretly hoping to find a special guy. It’s kinda hard, though, when you’ve been labeled the weird ghost kid your whole life. But, you know, maybe one day, right?

Come on, universe, can’t you throw me a hot lumberjack or something? That’d be real awesome, and I’d be eternally grateful… 

Well, I guess I gotta wrap this up, but I can’t wait to discover some ghostly phenomena with you guys. It’s gonna be great!

  • Only has eyes for two things—ghosts, duh. And proving ghosts are real, because they totally are!

  • Coffee, coffee, and more coffee

  • Impulsive—hey, that’s what little brothers are for, right?

  • Loves being in front of the camera

  • Hyper, sweet, loving, and the most loyal person you’ll ever meet

Find out more about Rory and the rest of the RIPP crew in Coldburgh Train Station.

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