Hey, I’m Dane, and I guess I’m the new guy. I just transferred to Maple Park College where Rory and Thad go, and we ended up in the same film class. Since I’m the new guy, our teacher threw me into their group for a project, and now I’m helping them out with their ghost hunting. 

I figured it wasn’t a big deal because it’s not like we’re going to find any ghosts or anything, you know? And I don’t really care what we do for our project, so whatever makes them happy.

…What about Rory’s older brother? Why do you wanna know about him? He’s, uh… cool. I guess. I don’t really know him. 

What? No, I’m not attracted to him. 

Nope, I wasn’t checking him out! What are you talking about?! Just because he looks good in those swim shorts of his and he’s all muscly and those arms and—crap. Ugh. 

I’m, uh, I’m gonna go now before I die of a bad case of tomato-face… 

  • Uses Brooks as a human shield—because he’s big and strong, definitely not because he’s sweet and cuddly

  • Wants to stay numb, but the guys won’t let him

  • Wishes his heart would stop fluttering around a certain someone

  • No, he isn’t staring at Brooks, especially when he’s blushing all cute—no, not cute. Blushing isn’t cute, nope

  • Closed off, but so worth having a little patience for

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